Please note that support is not provided on any tutorials or network monitoring tools listed on this website by the staff of this website.  Any special user support groups for the software will be listed in the software review or tutorial.  Feedback on the reviews and tutorials are appreciated.  Any real-world examples of use would be of great interest.

Please send your feedback or examples to peter (at) netmon. org. Also feel free to submit software suggestions for review.


Please feel free to submit your software (or hardware) for review after reading the following guidelines.

Any reviews will do done as timely as possible.  Some software may be passed for any reason.  Please note that this website does not give bad reviews.  If a product isn't deemed worthy, it will simply not receive any mention on this website.  We feel there is no benefit to bashing a product as some people might find it useful without our opinions.  You can feel free to resubmit your software or offer additional information.

Much of the software reviewed was located by the website reviewing staff by searching the Internet.  It would not be uncommon for us to contact you for information including a license.  Your help and cooperation would be appreciated.  Any license offered would be acknowledged on the appreciation page.  License keys or serial numbers are help in the strictest confidence and are not shared , published, or pirated.

The submission guidelines and review process is subject to change at a moments notice.  Any review or decision is at the digression of the website and its review staff.  We hope you understand! 

Submit your software (or hardware) suggestions by sending an e-mail to peter (at) netmon. org.


Network Monitoring does provide consulting services to selected schools, organizations, and businesses.  Area of expertise include MRTG (running on Windows), Network Monitoring, web server monitoring, and analyzing web server logs.  We are also very skilled at evaluating and planning new K-12 school networks from the beginning architectural design process of the physical facilities through turnkey completion completion of an installed network.  Please send an e-mail to peter (at) netmon. orgfor more information and a list of references.

Speaking Opportunities

We are also available for 1/2 or full day speaking opportunities on the topic of network monitoring and includes the demonstration and presentation of many useful products.  Please feel free to contact peter (at) netmon. org for additional information and a list of references.